Stay for Tomorrow – Prison Living (2022)

Stay for Tomorrow had us singing along to ‘I Don’t Need You to Save Me’ before tugging at our emotions with the inspiring, yet heart-aching, ‘The One’. Now, they are looking into the entrapment of a relationship in ‘Prison Living’. While the band touches on the heartache that comes after a relationship ends, the single primarily dives into what comes before this.

Telling the story of a couple who end up resenting each other as they fear ending things, the single moves through powerful alternative rock tones. With the catchy style that the band is known for, they tap into personal experiences that are extremely relatable. Through this single, the band takes another step on their way into listeners’ hearts and onto their favourite playlists.

‘Prison Living’ rises from the darkness with a breathing feeling in the opening. The guitars meet delicate drums to create a confessional feeling to the opening. This transforms into an addictive moving alternative rock tone that makes you want to bounce around to the sound. The bridge that follows the chorus has you soaring on the guitar line. The addictive nature of the band’s music shines in this track as you get lost in the melodic movement. The music dips from confessional tones to rocking flows that bring a delightful honesty. Through the melody, you can feel the tension of the relationship that continues to coil before breaking free, leaving a strange sense of peace in its wake. Throughout the single, the guitar solos send you soaring and are an absolute pleasure to listen to.

As the melody opens with delicate confessional tones, the lyrics flow to match as they honestly let the emotions of the track out. The vocals gain a rock movement as the chorus hits. The catchy flow of lyrics on the chorus will have you singing along while getting the song endlessly stuck in your brain. Through the verses, the lyrics are open about the emotions felt in a relationship where you feel trapped. The burst of freedom in the chorus is like a lifting of pressure as you are honest about the situation you find yourself in. It is a really engaging exploration of the emotions that lead to the end of a relationship that has been rocky for a while. The engaging vocals flow into the guitar tones perfectly, enhancing the addictive power of the track.

Stay for Tomorrow gets you endlessly hooked to their sound, while exploring the feeling of being trapped in a relationship through ‘Prison Living’. The music builds a tender confessional tone before bursting into a sense of freedom for the chorus. The vocals match this movement while providing an honest unleashing of emotions.

Find out more about Stay for Tomorrow on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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