Adeline Saive – Breathing Again (2020)

Adeline Saive is a French singer-songwriter with a style that is pop with a touch of soul and folk. She began writing songs at 13 and performed weekly at churches and Montreal coffee shops. With her latest release, she has taken the leap into focusing on music full time.

‘Breathing Again’ is a song that celebrates hope, new beginnings and learning to love again whether romantic or not. There is an emphasis on the idea that when you have courage and make an effort, you are rewarded.

‘Breathing Again’ has an upbeat start that leads perfectly into Saive’s smooth vocals. The melody stays light and fresh throughout the track. It creates a feel-good vibe that makes you move your head and smile while listening. The backing vocals in the bridge help boost the mood of the track.

While the melody gives you a summer feeling, the lyrics are easy to connect with. They are positive and help you feel light while you take them in. The chorus is catchy and you will find yourself singing along.

Adeline Saive crafts a positive breathe of fresh air with her track ‘Breathing Again’. If you are looking for your new summer fave, this is the song to listen to. It is positive, feel-good and makes you smile.

Find out more about Adeline Saive on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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