Eric Alexandrakis – Mediterranean Sun (2021)

With his latest single ‘Mediterranean Sun’, Eric Alexandrakis takes listeners to youthful summer days on Crete. Continuing his travel-themed songs, he picks up feelings of happiness and carefree summer days that let you forget about the harshness of the world. A sublime release from the pressures of reality, the single has you appreciating the little things in life while soaking up the warmth of the Crete sun.

As part of his Terra series, the single expands on the concept of the album. This is no surprise, as when we last spoke to Alexandrakis he was excited about expanding and breaking up the rather epic album. Now, with the help of John Taylor (Duran Duran) on bass and Steve Ferrone (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers) on drums, he is pulling listeners new and old back into the warm travel-themed vibes with this delight splash of guitar-driven alternative pop.

The drums that open ‘Mediterranean Sun’ roll through your senses and fill you with an undeniable excitement. There is an amazing pace to the track that brings a great mixture of alternative pop, glam rock and rock-pop. Through all of this, there is a splash of retro vibes that enhances the trip in summer days past. You can’t help but feel the freedom of days spent on the beach without a care in the world. As the music flies through you with a toe-tapping beat and moving guitar line, any stress you feel rises from your shoulders and you have to smile.

The lively and free vibes of the melody wonderfully meet the journey of the lyrics. The vocals have a slight haze to them like the heat from the sun. The lyrics have a lively storytelling movement that rolls the film reel of the track across your eyes. As you journey with Alexandrakis to Crete, you can feel the freedom of leaving reality behind, the warmth of the sun, the freedom of summer and the enjoyment of a carefree holiday. You can’t help but feel good about life after listening to this track or, at the very least, excited for a summer holiday in the Mediterranean.

Eric Alexandrakis packs your senses with the carefree and lively energy of a youthful summer spent on Crete in ‘Mediterranean Sun’. There is a lively pace to the melody that hooks you from the first second and only increases as the single progresses. The vocals take you on a journey of excitement, fun in the sun, carefree days and a love for the summer sun. If you are looking for a song that fills you with the pleasure of summer without leaving your home, this is it.

Find out more about Eric Alexandrakis on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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