Aisling Jarvis – Fade to Black (2021)

For the last 6 years, Aisling Jarvis has devoted her time and energy to a range of projects and musical endeavours. Now, she is back with her solo single ‘Fade to Black’ which considers the feelings of disconnect in a relationship. Touching on the feeling of losing sight of how things used to be and wondering if they can go back, she works with electronic vocal duo Hvmmingbyrd to bring the sentiments to life.

With the help of Dublin-based producer Kipunji, the four wrote and produced the single which is Jarvis’ first solo outing since her debut album in 2014. With a bit of hope and an understanding of the present, the single gives you a lot to think about. Wrapped up in some great contemporary pop tones, it has you excited for her future releases.

The electronic vocals that open ‘Fade to Black’ grab your attention. They drop for Jarvis’ smoother and more melodic tones. There is a great depth to her vocals that makes you think of sinking through water in a bottomless lake. Lights burst through the water on the chorus as the layered vocals call out to you. The disconnect of the single has been artfully and subtly woven into the vocals and lyrics. Through the lyrics, you are filled with love only to start questioning this while still wanting to go back to how things used to be. As the single progresses, the vocals move from floating affection to a yearning for someone and the emotions you used to have laced with the pain of this fading from view.

The vocals are the real star of the single, but the melody does a great job of enhancing them. The light glinting of high tones adds to the glittering of the vocals. In the low levels, there is a deep droning bassline that brings the darker emotions of the track. Together, they form a stable foundation for the vocals to call out from.

Aisling Jarvis with Hvmmingbyrd and Kipunji have you sinking in a bottomless lake while the emotions of ‘Fade to Black’ swirl around you. Jarvis’ vocals are the focal point of the single and wonderfully draw you through the emotions of the track. The melody is more a foundation for the vocals to jump off while offering the accompaniment needed to bolster them.

Find out more about Aisling Jarvis on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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