Hopefool – The New Age (2021)

There are times when it feels like things have become so bad that there is no way it can get better. Hopefool are here to remind us that things can get better regardless of how dark the situation may feel. Through the explosive yet reflective track, the band considers the painful progress people and humankind, as a whole, are making toward a brighter future.

This reflection on pain and hope comes from Michael Boyd (vocals), Dylan Kortz (guitar), Danny Steinschreiber (bass) and Chris Campagna (drums). They came together during the pandemic and originally operated remotely. Through their music, they showcase their own personal growth and the movement from a heavy to thoughtful sound.

The opening of ‘The New Age’ is like the first ray of dawn breaking over the horizon as the mists of the night are slowly chased away. There is a creeping depth to the melody that weaves around your ankles before the melody bursts with a heavier sound. While the guitars pound and crash through your brain those tendrils from the opening remain in the lower levels. The band has created the perfect movement from delicacy to powerful rock against an anthemic backing. The music is enthralling as you fall under the band’s spell and feel the urge to turn up the volume as the song progresses.

The movement of the melody complements the lyrics and vocals. Boyd’s vocals have a hard rock vibe as he slinks into your ears through the opening. When the chorus hits, his voice picks up the power of the guitars gaining an anthemic edge that calls to your soul. With a touch of metal to the vocals, he continues to captivate you and fills you with the emotions of the track. As you move through the song, you are pulled up by both the melody and vocals to break free of the darkness that you might feel consuming you.

Against an explosion of guitars, Hopefool gives you the strength to pull yourself out of dark situations in ‘The New Age’. With a melody that is creeping edges and bursting rock, the band casts a spell over you. This spell weaves its way deeper with the vocals that leave you hopeful for the future and sure you can work through any bad situation.

Find out more about Hopefool on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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