Al Mitchell & The New Born Sinners – Rubber For Cars (2020)

Al Mitchell from the band Somnians has unleashed his latest track with his own band Al Mitchell & The New Born Sinners. Alongside Mitchell are Mike Thomas, Harvey Palmer and Joe Charrington. The band is the perfect marriage between Mitchell’s past and future musical directions.

Their latest track ‘Rubber For Cars’ mixes his lo-fi electronics with alternative rock. The song explores elements of hopelessness, confusion and the acceptance that we cannot change certain things. It is a conscious effort to be more aware of everything that surrounds us.

‘Rubber For Cars’ hooks you from the first sound with a catchy opening. There is a driving beat that propels you through the song and keeps your head moving to the rhythm. The music is an interesting mixture of electronics and instruments that build the foundations of the balladry of the track.

The vocals on the track are emotive and have a bleak note with a hopeful undertone. They perfectly complement the lyrics that paint the picture of the track. Throughout the song, you can hear the hopelessness that gently transforms into an acceptance and awareness of the world.

Al Mitchell & The New Born Sinners combine lo-fi with rock guitars and acoustics to create the intriguing ‘Rubber For Cars’. The track keeps you engaged through the artistic mixture of emotions and music to the point where you are surprised when the song ends.

Find out more about Al Mitchell & The New Born Sinners on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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