Track of the Day: State Law – Jertain

On July 4th something truly amazing happened giving us all cause to celebrate. No, I’m not talking about Independence Day (the holiday, not the awesome movie with Will Smith and Bill Pullman), I’m speaking about State Law releasing his second album. Based in Atlanta, State Law is a one-man show run by Dan Nadolny of the doom metal band Wizard Smoke. However, this is the Track of the Day feature, so we aren’t looking at the full album – which is amazing, by the way. We are introducing you to State Law slowly with the track ‘Jertain’.

A track off State Law’s new full-length album Participation Is Vital, ‘Jertain’ is fast-paced from the beginning and the energy doesn’t seem to stop until the song actually ends. A hard rock track with some metal thrown in shows Nadolny’s Sabbath and ZZ Top influences. The combination of heavy guitar riffs with intense vocals makes ‘Jertain’ a hard-hitting rock explosion just waiting to be blasted from your stereo.

“Internet culture, information overload, sound-byte media, the constant competition to get and divert humanity’s attention, work, money, marriage, children, pandemics – this is reality for many of us. ‘Jertain’ tries to musically and lyrically reflect those anxieties in the quickest manner possible. It centres around a bit of unsolicited advice: get free from the 21st century!” – State Law on ‘Jertain’

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