Snake Eats Boy – Early Mournings (2020)

Snake Eats Boy is an alternative folk collective who have just released their debut single ‘Early Mournings’. The project was conceived in the early 2010s in the Kent countryside but was only fully formed years later. The project includes artists from Somnians and Al Mitchell & The New Born Sinners.

Their debut track ‘Early Mournings’ is a haunting slice of melancholy. It looks at the subtext of youthful despondence and the aching despair of young male alienation. There is a cynical coming of age realisation within the track delicately woven through the narration of an insomnia induced panic attack.

‘Early Mournings’ has a melancholic acoustic opening creating a dark tone for the track. This somewhat depressing melody continues through the song providing a haunting basis for the vocals. There is a gentle tone that offers a bleak tenderness to the song that makes it absolutely beautiful.

The vocals on the track add to the desolate wonder of the song. The performance is smooth with just the right notes of hopelessness and despair. The lyrics are expressive and meander through your senses to relay the song’s narrative.

Snake Eats Boy weaves a hauntingly melancholic and desolate narrative of cynicism and realisation in ‘Early Mournings’. The track combines bleak melodies with an enigmatic vocal performance to create a beautifully depressing experience.

Find out more about Snake Eats Boy on their Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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