Alan Jacob – Snow Globe (2020)

While the online world has provided a lot, there are also problems, particularly when looking for love. This struggle of finding real love in the social media and appearance-obsessed online world is captured by Alan Jacob in his single ‘Snow Globe’. Looking at how people differ from their online personas, the track looks at how your perception of them changes like the vision in a snow globe.

The single continues Jacob’s musical quest which considers the struggle of fitting in with life and love. Pouring all his energy and charm into the track, he attempts to blow away the sad tastes of 2020 and enter 2021 afresh. It is also the first in a line of exciting releases that we can’t wait to hear.

‘Snow Globe’ has a gentle opening that pulls you in with interesting sounds and soft feelings. The flow of the music has you drifting like snow on a cold wintery day. However, there is a warmth in the melody that fills you with a good vibe. The easy movement of the music creates the perfect foundation for the lyrics and vocals which explore the search for real love. The twinkling tones dance between the steady beats before swirling around you like a whirlwind of light.

The lyrics of the track are amazing in their poetic portrayal of looking for love, shifting perception and the emotions that the search creates. Jacob’s vocals continue the easy flow of the melody while capturing your senses and making you want to close your eyes to take it all in. His performance is as delicate as a snow globe, but there is a strength within the conviction of the lyrics that warms you up inside.

Alan Jacob swirls a wintery wonderland through your ears with the search for love and shifting perception of ‘Snow Globe’. The easy melody dances around his vocals which make you want to close your eyes and take them in. The lyrics are poetic and capture the emotions of looking for real love in a materialistic and appearance-obsessed online world.

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