Oshua – Monke (2020)

Boredom is something that we have all faced and the last year seems to have increased the number of times boredom has crept up on us. Oshua is taking the feeling of bedroom boredom and turning it into something that you can easily chill out to with his single ‘Monke’. Sampling a popular melody from Avatar: The Last Airbender, he uses waves of airy undertones to create a summery vibe that you can chill to.

As he sets you in a chilled soundscape, he taps into random personal thoughts that we have all had at some point while relaxing in our rooms alone. These elements combine for a relatable track wrapped in a dreamy mood. An experiment of sounds, the single is a wonderful step into lo-fi for anyone looking to drift for a little while.

‘Monke’ hits you with summery vibes from the first caw of the seagulls in the opening. The pulsing beats that vibrate from the lower levels of the melody draw you into the lo-fi vibes of the track. There is a dynamic flow to the music as the different layers of the melody dance across your senses. The beats get your head moving while the light twinkling notes add lightness to the vibe of the track. There is nothing hectic about the music which lets you chill to it.

Oshua’s vocals are a smooth tone in the middle of the dynamic melody. His voice has an easy slide to it that wraps around you like the summer sun sinking into your skin. His performance continues the chilled pace of the track while putting a smile on your face.

Oshua has created a dynamic lo-fi single that you can chill to in your room with the relaxed ‘Monke’. The single uses a layered melody full of summery tones and easy vibes to get you relaxed. His vocals are a warm breeze against your skin as you sink further into the peaceful soundscape.

Find out more about Oshua on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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