HSTR – Time & I (2021)

There are a lot of experiences that mark our early twenties but finding grey hairs is generally not one of them. Through her debut single ‘Time & I’, HSTR works through this very experience and tries to understand just what time is trying to tell her. Co-written with Karl Adams, the single is a wonderful introduction to her sound and the bittersweet coming of age stories woven into her music.

With a style that combines folk, country, pop and soft rock, HSTR opens a picture book of memories and experiences. The warmth of her sound offers an instant connection for all listeners whether you have been through the same events as she has or not. As her opening act, this single has a lot to offer and has you eager to hear more.

‘Time & I’ sweeps you up in a wonderful country vibe. The guitars strum through your chest while the drums have your feet tapping to their beat. There is a really engaging vibe to the music that you can’t help but latch onto. The humming vocals add a new layer to the country-rock tones of the melody. This creates a softness to the track that brings a light touch of folk and pop to the proceedings. It is a really catchy melody that you can’t help but tap along to and move your head with.

HSTR’s vocals continue the blending of tones with a touch of country and folk. The lightness of her voice brings a youthful feeling to the track that puts a smile on your face. The lyrics have a great vibe to them that would not be amiss in a coming of age movie. The chorus is entirely too catchy and will stick in your head for way too long after you have stopped listening. Every aspect of the lyrics and vocals brings a light edge to the track that softens the contemplations threaded into the track.

HSTR fills you with youthful coming of age vibes through the blended tones of ‘Time & I’. You can’t help but smile and tap your toes as you listen while humming the chorus for long after the song has ended. The vibrant energy of the track really makes you excited for what else she has in store for us.

Find out more about HSTR on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify

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