Alderan – Velhos (2020)

Approximately 35 years after their initial formation in the mid-1980s, the Brazilian rock group Alderan returns with their first release in 30 years. The São Paolo-based quintet has gained a lot of experience since their debut album in 1990, but this only enhances their innovativeness and diversity. Influenced by acts like Duran Duran, Chic and RPM, Luigi Carneiro (vocals), Marcelo Ricardo (guitar), Ricardo Sdei (bass), Edgard Jr (keys) and Carlos Arini bring an old-school rock sound into the 21st century. The first single in many, many years is ‘Velhos’.

I don’t often come across Portuguese groups and only understand about three words in ‘Velhos’ but that did not stop me from enjoying every second of this single! Calm and cool in their execution, Alderan combines powerful guitars, pounding drums and dynamic keys to form an exquisite rock song. Easily placed alongside acts like The Eagles, Foreigner and Creedance Clearwater Revival, Alderan effortlessly creates a swirl of sound in which you can easily become lost.

What I really love about these Brazilian gents is their enthusiasm, energy and captivating spirit. It could be construed as a bunch of 40-somethings rocking out, but the sensuality of Carneiro’s gruff vocals seamlessly merges with the melodic instrumentation. Alright, I have no idea what the song is about so it’s not possible to refer to sincerity or raw honesty in the lyricism; however, the warmth of Carneiro’s voice and charming melodic flow poses a twinge of sentimentality and wistful optimism. Hell, he could be singing about prostitution and drugs, but it just sounds so good you wouldn’t care about the context. Overall, Alderan is a breath of fresh air in Brazil’s declining classic rock market.

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