MOVMENT – We All Must Go (2021)

Not ones to step back from controversial content, Ireland-based band MOVMENT explore the light and dark aspects of life in their genre-defying sound. Drawing together elements of alternative rock with interspersed electronic beats, the duo presents a sonic representation of existential divergence. Already noted by our critics with their track ‘Propaganda’ (read our review here), multi-instrumentalists Marin Kelly and Kevin Kelly execute mind-blowing music sending shivers down your spine. One of the latest additions to their well-received repertoire is the single ‘We All Must Go’.

Preceding their album Transformation, ‘We All Must Go’ is MOVMENT’s rock-influenced exploration of a dystopian society where we all must follow the ruling movement. Moreover, the conceptual narrative points out how people lose independent opinions when faced with societal breakdown – “we all must go, we all must go”. Unlike the track ‘Leave Me Alone’, MOVMENT adopts a less aggressive tone while retaining the darkness within. MOVMENT has been described as “more dark than light” and this is blatantly evident in their music.

Reminiscent of Led Zeppelin with a leaning toward the message between Pink Floyd’s ‘Another Brick In The Wall’, ‘We All Must Go’ has a depressing quality to it. However, borne from the monotone desperation is an empowering strength in acceptance and understanding – a light in the midst of darkness. The heavy rock vibe certainly enhances the poignant message in ‘We All Must Go’ but the tinges of synths bring about a liveliness in the sound.

In addition to the single, MOVMENT released an official music video for ‘We All Must Go’. A visual representation of the collective movement toward something (light or dark), the video is filled with intriguing images edited to make one feel part of the crowd. You can view the video below or on their YouTube channel.

Anthemic and alluring, MOVMENT prove their point as bearers of not bad news but collapsing reality in ‘We All Must Go’. Orwell would be proud to have their music as theme songs for his dystopian novels. I think 1984 would have had a greater impact on me as a teenager if this rock-filled tune were involved…just a thought.

For more from MOVMENT check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.  

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