Alex Spinney – I Remember (2021)

UK-based singer-songwriter Alex Spinney embraced his love for music at an early age when he begged his parents to let him learn the piano. He was merely 4 years old, not even school-going age, but he knew what he wanted and planned to get it. As the years progressed, Spinney experimented with various genres but always returned to a world of contemporary pop. Branding himself as playing “piano-based pop”, Spinney incorporates genres like folk, blues and soul with his traditional pop sound. The debut single from this rising star is ‘I Remember’.

Featured on Sinusoidal Music, Jammerzine, The Sound Won’t Stop and various playlists, Spinney’s ‘I Remember’ is turning people’s heads across the globe. The Sound Won’t Stop describes his music as “coming through clear as day and it’s as welcoming as you can get”; well, we won’t disagree. Reminiscent of John Legend and Ed Sheeran, ‘I Remember’ is soothing and soft immediately placing you in a warm bubble of sound adrift on a gently flowing sonic river.

What I find intriguing about this new artist is not his soulful vocals exclusively but the track’s simplistic beauty. Similar to the iconic Elton John, Spinney shows that a basic melody can have a greater impact than the most complex musical arrangement. Soft and steady, the piano-driven track effortlessly has your toe tapping to the beat without you even realising it. It’s difficult to not sway along to ‘I Remember’ and this magical power to engage listeners with ease is one of Spinney’s superpowers; lest I say, his signature style.

Just as the melody reaches into your soul connecting with listeners on a deeper level, so does the lyrical content. Spinney shares that ‘I Remember’ “…has a simple but heart-breaking message that I’d like to think we can all relate to. Essentially, that feeling of looking back at a relationship that was once thriving but has now broken down. It is a feeling so universal to the human experience and this is my own musical take on it.”

In addition to the poignant single, Alex Spinney released an official music video for ‘I Remember’. Once again, Spinney shows us the beauty of simplicity. Sitting behind the piano and baring his soul through music, the video is a visual representation of honesty, genuineness and true sincerity.

For more from Alex Spinney check out his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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