Track of the Day: aliensdontringdoorbells – Slipping Away

I will admit, the band name aliensdontringdoorbells is rather unconventional; then again, there is nothing conventional about this US-based trio. Drawing together elements of rock, pop, jazz and swing, the lads have an eclectic and innovative quality to their music. This is my introduction to the group, but they already have a reputation for enthusiastic and energetic performances. Featured on Music News, Voice Mag, Indie Dock Music Blog and various online radio stations, the threesome is building a loyal following on an international level. I suppose supporting Scouting For Girls on their latest tour is also quite a brownie point. Today we place aliensdontringdoorbells’ tune ‘Slipping Away’ as our Track of the Day.

One of the tracks off their superb debut album Arrival, ‘Slipping Away’ is an upbeat and jovial pop-rock-inspired single. I can’t compare ‘Slipping Away’ or any of aliensdontringdoorbells’ music to other bands, but this track definitely nods to the pop-rock sounds of the late-1990s. Stepping back a couple of decades, the lads harmoniously combine dynamic guitars with pounding drums in a cheerful melody. Yet, while there is this poppy bounce to the song, the guitar riffs highlight the band’s classic rock influence.

Recorded at the legendary Dean Street Studios with Roy Stride of Scouting For Girls, ‘Slipping Away’ has a sophisticated melodic arrangement illustrating the eclectic side of aliensdontringdoorbells. Innovation is further seen in the juxtaposition of melody and lyricism. As I mentioned, there is a bounce to ‘Slipping Away’ but, upon closer examination, the lyrical content has a more poignant meaning. Touching on lost love or rather a bad breakup, the single is melancholic and desperate begging the question, “how will you keep your girl from slipping away? How will you turn back time and make it all okay?”

Anthemic, infectious, inspiring and tender, ‘Slipping Away’ shows aliensdontringdoorbells are pure rock and roll gold! I can’t wait for more from this talented group.

In addition to their single, aliensdontringdoorbells released an official music video for ‘Slipping Away’. Please note: this video uses strobe lighting effects and can trigger seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.


For more from aliensdontringdoorbells check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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