Alexander Saint – The Light (2020)

Power struggles and systemic societal problems have a long reach but are also deeply personal at the same time. When faced with these issues, we could start looking for light in all the wrong places. This is the basis of ‘The Light’ by Alexander Saint who imbues his music with his personal struggles and that of society as a whole. Using his matured sound, he guides you through the search for your inner power and empathy for others.

As his first release under the moniker Alexander Saint, this track showcase the honesty of his new sound. The new body of work differs from his previous three EPs under Alex St. Kitts and highlights his ability to gently craft sonic storyboards. Through his contemplative melodies, he paints a picture that anyone can look at and connect with.

‘The Light’ use a roiling progressive opening that leads you to these deep humming vocals. The sound is very contemporary soul and wraps itself around your chest. The rich melody has this smoothness to it that slips against your ears and draws you in. While there are driving grooves to the melody, are also these moments of lightness that help to lift the emotion of the song.

As the melody draws you into the richness of the track, Saint’s vocals are what truly captivate you. There is this honesty and power within his performance. The higher tones of his performance have a pleading note to it, but the lower tones make you think about what others are going through. His nuanced performance drives the message of the lyrics home. Close to the end of the track, there is an outpour of frustration that perfectly mimics how we are all feeling. It is worth listening carefully to the lyrics of the track which hit so hard.

Alexander Saint helps you find ‘The Light’ in the face of power struggles, societal problems and personal demons. The mature sound of his vocals melds with the richness of the melody to encase you in the emotions of the track. Driving grooves and emotive vocals make you stop and take note of what he is trying to tell you.

Find out more about Alexander Saint on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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