NINA – Gold Heart (2021)

With her latest single ‘Gold Heart’, NINA is flying to new tender heights as she soars on currents of sunlight. A dreamy love ballad, the single has listeners floating through pastel clouds and into rays of light that warm the soul and fill you with hope for a better future. With vocals that are open, honest and steeped in intimacy, she draws you in before sending your senses flying into the realm of good vibes.

Co-written and produced by Radio wolf and Ricky Wilde, the delicate instrumentation allows NINA’s voice to truly shine. The single offers a much warmer sound than her last with tender emotions that wrap around her evolving sound. Known as The Queen of Synthwave, her music has been used in adverts for Mercedes Benz, Hugo Boss and Adidas.

‘Gold Heart’ gentle trills into your ears with a golden wash of high tones. The opening melody is so light it is like down feathers gently drifting through the air. This tenderness leads you to a sweep of ethereal synths that rise into the atmosphere and take you along for the ride. Through the melody, you soar and glide on the warm air currents of the track. There are moments when the synths glint and twinkle like the sparkling reflections of light off water. It is a really light melody that has you gliding through the soundscape.

The gentleness of the melody gives NINA’s vocals the currents they need to fly away. Her performance opens with a movement that is all bright pastel colours and the soft awakening of the world. As her vocals take your hand, she leads you into the clouds as her voice rises with the melody. There is a beautiful upliftment in her performance that fills your veins with warmth. The lyrics are packed with affection and love as she unleashes the emotions she feels for someone.

NINA reaches out with tender tones and warm affection to take you gliding through the clouds and rays of sun in ‘Gold Heart’. The melody is gentle and touching allowing the vocals to really shine. NINA’s performance is packed with warmth, affection and honesty as she takes your hand and leads you into the warm rays of the sun.

Find out more about NINA on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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