The Mood – The Bus Stop Song (2021)

A well-known group in Birmingham’s indie music scene, The Mood is a UK foursome with a reputation for energetic and enthusiastic performances. Along with their infectious energy, the lads are not only an outstanding live band but an engaging, sincere one as well. Bringing audiences satirical tunes, the group is turning heads on a global scale featured on RGM, Less Than 1000 Followers, Clout and various playlists. The latest addition to The Mood’s well-received repertoire is ‘The Bus Stop Song’.

Described by songwriter Meldra Guza as “…a delicate song with great imagery”, The Mood’s ‘The Bus Stop Song’ is soothing, flowing and laidback. Following their single ‘Daisypicker’ (read our review here), the new track captures a romantic sentimentality with an underlying grittiness. Penned as a narrative of the relationship of lead singer Dan and his girlfriend Sophie, there is a personal element connecting with audiences on a deeper level. It’s about love and love really is all around us.

While the song is soft and fluffy regarding lyricism, it can be viewed as an urban ballad. The gruffness of Dan’s vocals brings a hint of The Libertines to the indie-rock/Britpop musical fusion. Dynamic guitars are prevalent, but it is Dan’s rough voice that truly indicates the raw honesty in ‘The Bust Stop Song’. This by no means dampens the natural talent of instrumentalists Nathan, Jaimie and Max, as they add to the tenderness in The Mood’s single.

What I find intriguing about The Mood is how the lads take listeners back to the old-school indie-rock and Britpop sound. With clever lyricism, spectacular melodies and strong, sincere, honest sentimentality, ‘The Bus Stop Song’ is a song to have on repeat. I can’t wait for more from these ambassadors of Britpop revival in the 21st century.

For more from The Mood check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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