Ettie – Pepsi (2020)

When Ettie hit us with her realistic approach to mental health in ‘Hello, I’ve Got Anxiety’, we fell in love with her witticisms. She is now captivating us with another side of her pop style with ‘Pepsi’. Taking on 80s synth-pop, she is delivering another relatable story about not having a dazzling connection with someone.

Working around the metaphor of asking for a Coke at a restaurant and getting Pepsi instead, she looks at going ahead with something that is not quite what you want. Taking a turn to the commercial side of pop, Ettie remains true to her alternative sound. This pop fantasy is just as engaging as her previous work and will keep you hooked.

‘Pepsi’ hits you with the 80s vibes from the first moment. There are these building synths that form a pulsing melody. The melody includes everything you remember about 80s synth pop, but there is a modern edge hovering in the lower levels. While full of synths, there is something flowing and easy about the melody that creates this depth to it.

Sitting on top of the rich synths is Ettie’s vocals. You can hear the power in her voice with this song as she takes on the synths and her performance wraps around your head. Her performance draws you into the lyrics which are deeper than you might imagine. Using the metaphor of cola, she talks about relationships but the use of the metaphor does not eclipse the main message or cloud your understanding.

Ettie takes on an 80s synth-pop sound for the metaphor driven single ‘Pepsi’. This song is a wonderful throwback to 80s synth pop, but there is a smooth modernity to it. The lyrics also have this great combination of metaphor and realism.

Find out more about Ettie on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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