Allegra – Do What I Want (2020)

If you are looking for an impassioned anthem of defiance and power, Allegra has just what you need. Her single ‘Do What I Want’ is a statement of intent from a young woman who is forging her own path in the world and music industry. With a captivating pop soundscape, she fills you with empowerment and the strength to hit out on your own while pushing the boundaries others set for you.

While she became known for her innovative covers of the latest pop hits, she has turned her attention to original songs. Her last single made a splash on the music scene with fans chomping at the bit for her next one. If the music of this single does not empower you, the engaging music video will.

‘Do What I Want’ pops to life with engaging beats that grab your attention. These popping beats combine with the clapping notes and thrumming tones to fill you with a vibrant energy. There is a great bounce to the music that puts a smile on your face while filling your veins with energy. The lively feeling of the music pushes the boundaries as the melody uses an eclectic mixture of tones and beats. They all come together for a party in your ears that pulse good vibes into you. There is also a feeling of empowerment in the music that makes you want to do what you want to.

This feeling perfectly matches Allegra’s vocals which are a light yet intent dance over the music. Through her straightforward performance, you are filled with her intent to be who she is and not be tied down by what others want. The infectious feeling of her vocals merges with the melody to get you pumped as she forges ahead.

The official music video brings the vibes of the song to life in a fun and engaging visual. The visuals are a lot of fun as you watch Allegra sing to the camera. Through the video, you see her falling into a spiral of doing what other people want only for this to change as she takes control of what she does. As she breaks free, you are filled with the fun vibes of the track while wanting to do your own thing.

Allegra fills you with the strength to forge ahead and do things your own way with the catchy vibes of ‘Do What I Want’. The bouncing melody fills you with upbeat vibes while her vocals empower you and let you shrug off expectations. The official music video puts this strength to an engaging visual that you can’t stop watching.

Find out more about Allegra on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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