Nandun – Crazy Crazy (2020)

There are times when a relationship ends abruptly after the honeymoon phase has ended. The thoughts and emotions of these moments have been bundled up and wrapped in a catchy soul-filled sound by Nandun in ‘Crazy Crazy’. Through the soulful single, he takes you through the blindsided feeling of an abrupt end and the niggling doubts that the signs were there but you simply missed them.

The single is a new vibe from Nandun as he takes a more soulful direction while keeping his RnB foundation. The dynamic sounds of his previous releases are touched on within the soundscape, but there is a maturity and depth that shows he has really found his feet.

‘Crazy Crazy’ washes over you with a soulful feeling of being in love. The rich sounds of the opening lap against your ears before Nandun’s vocals swell into existence. There is a light haziness to the vocals that enhances the soulful vibes of the music. His voice draws you into the lyrics as he wraps you in the soft feeling of being in the honeymoon phase of love. The chorus has a very 90s boy band feel to it before he swipes the warmth from under you. His higher pitch takes you in a different direction as the relationship comes to an end and you are left reeling from the sudden loss.

As Nandun’s vocals wrap you in soulful warmth, the melody sparkles in the background. When the single starts, the music has a warmth that fills you with good vibes. As the song progresses, this takes a turn along with the lyrics. There are shimmering beats and tones that lead you to the emotions of the chorus only to leave you sinking into confusion from the second verse. While soulful, there is a catchy hook in the music that gets you swaying to the music.

Nandun wraps you in soulful warmth only for the emotion carpet to be pulled out from under you in the dynamic ‘Crazy Crazy’. Using soulful tones, he takes you through the emotions of being crazy in love only for this to come to an abrupt end. The music soothes your soul while the vocals take you on a rather emotional journey.

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