Dear Genre – Bones (2020)

For just over ten years, multi-instrumentalist Andre Cataldo has been releasing music as the artist Dear Genre. Influenced greatly by acts like The Strokes and Manchester Orchestra, Cataldo embraces a primarily indie-rock sound; however, there are twinges of blues and even country in some of his tracks. With several singles and albums to his name, as well as performing at various festivals, the US-based singer-songwriter is engaging, entertaining and unique. One of the latest additions to his evolving discography is ‘Bones’.

A track off Cataldo’s well-received album Man In Full, ‘Bones’ gives us an intimate peek into the fragility of the artist. While Man In Full is a reflective piece exploring different personal coming-of-age experiences, it is ‘Bones’ that offers the most melancholic sentiments amidst the nine-track record. A stripped-back single, the song incorporates the lyrical intensity of Leonard Cohen and Jonny Cash into the flowing guitar-driven melody of Kris Kristofferson. Thing is, while I mention these comparisons Dear Genre is quite incomparable in his own right.

Showcasing his innovativeness as a musician, Cataldo elegantly traverses a soothing melody with heart-wrenching lyricism. Definitely a smooth track, ‘Bones’ is cohesive and comprehensive; however, the moving gruffness of the bold vocals add a slightly distorted sincerity to the single. It’s as if Cataldo is creating a soft grounding for your ears, but maintains an uncomfortable surface to push his melancholic agenda.

For more from Dear Genre, check out his official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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