Ally Evenson – Bite My Tongue (2021)

There are experiences that many people go through that you know are bad at the time only to realise how truly messed up they were when you look back years later. Using a specific experience she went through, Ally Evenson helps listeners work through the trauma of these moments with ‘Bite My Tongue’. Touching on the hardships of working through the changes trauma brings to your personality, it also highlights the importance of communication.

The depth and range of Evenson’s musicality first shone in her debut EP released last year. After shaping her skills since age 14, she created cinematic arrangements with thoughtful lyrics and shimmering musical hooks. This musical prowess continues in this single as she uses a personal experience to bring something much broader to listeners.

‘Bite My Tongue’ softly draws you in with a rather dreamy opening that dips to an earthy strummed guitar. There is a reflective edge to the music that makes you think of days when you float on memories both good and bad. As the song progresses, the melody starts to swell with a slightly tense build-up. This comes to a head with a brilliant burst of instrumentation that brings a sonic representation of bursting emotions following a traumatic experience. The movement continues for the rest of the track as you work through the lyrics and the emotions they invoke.

The dreamy humming in the opening of the track abruptly drops for a warmer vocal performance from Evenson. There is a muted feeling to the emotions of the single during the first verse like she is a little scared to put the emotions she feels into words. As the melody builds, the power of her vocals rises to match. At times, her performance has a wistful feeling that makes you long for something that cannot be. This turns into a push of power to move forward and leave the negativity of trauma in the past.

Ally Evenson helps you work through trauma and face the world with strength in ‘Bite My Tongue’. The rising tensions of the melody are matched by her vocal delivery and the storytelling details of the lyrics. As her voice rises in power, she pulls your sense of self with it to leave you feeling capable and able to face the future.

Find out more about Ally Evenson on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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