Bram Stalker ft Nick Oliveri – Dormant (2021)

Bram Stalker have teamed up again with Nick Oliveri for their intense and impactful single ‘Dormant’. Looking at the violence from police toward civilians, the single draws inspiration from Stefano Cucchi’s story. With gritty vocals, fierce music and heavy-hitting lyrics, the track captures the emotions that stories of police brutality cause in many people.

Andrea Maceroni (vocals, bass) and Jacopo De Marco (drums) are the rock duo Bram Stalker and bring a blend of excitement, anger and anxiety to their sound. They first collaborated with Nick Oliveri in 2018 and played ‘Millionaire’ live with him. They decided to join forces again for this single which brings the worst abuses of power to listeners.

‘Dormant’ hits the ground running with drums and guitars that make your insides shiver. There is an untold aggression to the music that fills you with the sense that something bad is marching toward you. The pulsing punches of the guitars slam against your ears with a darkness that is a little insidious. As your head moves to the movement of the melody, the darkness of the low levels creeps into your veins and will not budge. This is a wonderful melodic device that really captures the emotions of the track and enhances the impact of the messaging. Later in the track, everything reaches a fever pitch that shakes up your soul and makes you want to hit out at the injustices in the world.

The shivering aggression of the melody bolsters the cries of the vocals. The vocals bring a different type of aggression to the song laced with an understated fear that is so well hidden. The emotions woven into the performance are nuanced as they play anger at the treatment of people against the fear instilled in them. The lyrics are hard-hitting and something you should really listen to intently. The screams and howls of the vocals are wonderful as they bring the anguish of the knowledge that those who are meant to protect are the ones abusing others.

Bram Stalker and Nick Oliveri hit you with an intense and aggressive sound while highlighting police brutality in ‘Dormant’. The melody is all punchy guitars and pounding drums that bring a sense of aggression. The screams and cries of the vocals bring a nuanced emotional hit that shivers in your chest.

Find out more about Bram Stalker on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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