Alpha Mortal Foxtrot – No One Will Talk About Us (No One Will Owe Us Anything)

With the rather unusual band name Alpha Mortal Foxtrot, it is unlikely that you will forget this group quickly. In fact, we’ve been tracking the foursome’s progress for the last year (give or take) and it’s not only their name that has us bemused. From ‘White Collar’ (read our review here) to ‘Would You Save Me?’ (read our review here), the Jakarta-based quartet has us speechless and in awe. Alright, maybe not speechless because we are reviewing their work, but definitely in awe of their sound.

Comprised of musicians and non-musicians, Alpha Mortal Foxtrot is a unique group. Technically formed in 2019, musicians Ricky Putra (guitar) and Raiden Soedjono (drums) teamed up with business consultant Adrian Hardjapamekas (bass) and IP-tech lawyer Wiku Anindito (vocals and guitar) and created this alt-rock four-piece. Featured on Indie Top 39, Clunk Magazine, YMX, Fruit Sonic and The Other Side Reviews (that’s us!), the lads are reaching audiences on an international scale. The latest addition to their repertoire is ‘No One Will Talk About Us (No One Will Owe Us Anything)’.

Following their critically acclaimed single ‘Would You Save Me?’, Alpha Mortal Foxtrot releases the empowering single ‘No One Will Talk About Us (No One Will Owe Us Anything)’. Adopting a psychedelic twinge to their traditional alt-rock style, the new track has a hazy and almost ethereal ambience. Falling into a whirlpool of sound, it is easy to lose yourself in the quirky music. Then again, who said losing yourself in this wistful sound is a bad thing?

Recorded and produced with Rully Worotikan, ‘No One Will Talk About Us (No One Will Owe Us Anything)’ is beautifully arranged with melodic textures and layers. While their versatility is often seen in releases, this single indicates their truly boundary-breaking style traversing several genres in only six minutes. It begins with a psychedelic stance but the dynamic guitars soon pick up in an alternative rock style. Moving from that the pounding drums incorporate a hint of melodic metal, all while retaining their intimate intensity. Yet, it is not only the melody that shows a depth of content but the lyricism as well.

A conceptual single, ‘No One Will Talk About Us (No One Will Owe Us Anything)’ exposes human fragility in challenging times. However, while the barebones vulnerability is evident, the track is an empowering and inspirational one. The rich vocals add warmth and gusto to a meaningful single with intricate emotions. According to the band, this single is “…an anthem for the underdogs or those who often feel left behind to get up and find the courage to defy expectations.”

In addition to the single, Alpha Mortal Foxtrot released an official lyrics video for ‘No One Will Talk About Us (No One Will Owe Us Anything). Unfortunately, the video contains lighting effects that can trigger seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy. As such, we recommend viewer discretion.


For more from Alpha Mortal Foxtrot check out their Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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