Alvinos Zavlis – Sexy Pasta & Korean Film (2020)

Cyprus born and UK-based music producer Alvinos Zavlis is back with his latest single ‘Sexy Pasta & Korean Film’. Following his single ‘When I Fall’, Zavlis takes a darker turn and uses a non-western scale. While the song was inspired by a random event, the result is a track that is full of wonder.

The idea for the song came while Zavlis was cooking pasta and watching a Korean film. As soon as the movie was over, he started working on the single creating the unusual and off-beat song. The song looks at a man realising how much he misses an ex-lover because his favourite food does not taste good anymore.

‘Sexy Pasta & Korean Film’ has a dark and ominous synth opening that sets a tension to the track. While there is an uptick to the pace of the melody, the sinister undertone remains. The melody may seem simple at first, but there are a few layers that work together to create a dark and menacing tone.

The vocal performance is as dark as the melody. The performance has an electronic tone with echoes that make the vocals melt into the shadows of the melody. This is executed perfectly to provide the message of the lyrics and the creeping ambience of the melody.  

Alvinos Zavlis combines the realisation of missing someone with the feeling of creeping unease in ‘Sexy Pasta & Korean Film’. This electronic track uses dark synths to set the sinister tone with shifting vocals to creep along your spine.

Find out more about Alvinos Zavlis on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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