Catercorner – Catercorner (2020)

Catercorner is the solo project of London-based James Sherwin. A veteran of the UK South Coast metal scene, he is looking to break free of genres and make music without limits. Drawing on different styles and sounds, he has released his self-titled debut EP Catercorner.

While the EP only has three songs, it covers a lot of ground musically and thematically. Each of the tracks covers a different theme from dissatisfaction with artistic aspirations to people holding themselves back. The combination of styles and sounds mash together for some truly unexpected music.

‘The Other Osmium’ is the first track on the EP and include a desire to seek out the ultimate version of expression. The song is heavy and hits you with uncompromising lines from the first moment. There are a lot of trippy synths and heavy guitar lines with aggressive vocals. This is an unapologetic track that is a journey instead of a destination.

‘Blossom’ has a lighter synth start which lulls you into a false sense of security before taking on an ominous tone. There is a sinister undertone to this track that comes through in the piano lines and the softer notes that act as a counter to the trippy electronic notes. The heavy subject of the track comes through in the heavy moments of hard guitars and full-on melodies. While the song looks at the flesh-crawling paradox of hating someone you love and the broken feeling this results in, it is really enjoyable to listen to.

The last track on the EP is ‘Orchestral Grind’ which is a very relatable track that looks at how people hold themselves back by making excuses or blaming others. The song grabs you with obscure guitar riffs and angry vocals. There are melodic atmospheric notes throughout the track that add complex layers to the track.

If you are looking for something mainstream, the self-titled EP from Catercorner is not for you. Each song is uncompromising in its heavy subject matter and aggressive but melodic delivery. The EP is genre-breaking with a mixture of metal, synths and glitchy IDM.

Find out more about Catercorner on his Facebook and Spotify.

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