Alvinos Zavlis – When I Fall (2020)

Alvinos Zavlis is a Kent-based independent music producer who writes, records and produces music for himself and other artists. On his latest single ‘When I Fall’ he works with Waji (vocals). The two met on a music forum when she posted a snippet that ended up being the vocals for this single.

The basis of the track is the feeling of being utterly alone. This is reflected in both the lyrics and music. The song leads you to the understanding that maybe the only way to avoid this feeling is to accept it and embrace who you are.

The opening of ‘When I Fall’ is simple and reminds you a little of rain gently falling on a window. This soft beat transforms into an electronic sound. The movement to electronic notes in the track perfectly highlights the lyrics and message of the song.

Waji’s vocals enter with the gently beats and is a smooth layer of sadness that works with the lyrics. While the song makes you a bit depressed at the start, instrumental sections pick you up. Even without any vocals, they help you visualise accepting your feelings and overcoming them.

‘When I Fall’ is a unique sonic experience by Alvinos Zavlis and Waji that looks at the feeling of being utterly alone. Waji’s vocals set the scene while the electronic soundscape picks you up and help you embrace who you are.

Find out more about Alvinos Zavlis on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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