Radio Silence – Crank Bugs (2020)

Radio Silence is a new alternative rock born out of frustration and a common goal to produce music that turns abstract dreams into reality. Andrew McAskell (drums) and Robert Starling (bass) played together in other projects and met Jack Burlison (vocals, guitar) through an online advert. They are now releasing their music with the latest being ‘Crank Bugs’.

The inspiration for the track was a camping trip Burlison took to Belgium where the cabin was riddled with insects. While this was the inspiration, the song transcends this and looks at delusional parasitosis, sinful pleasures and creature comforts. It also digs beneath the surface to see the routine and discomfort manifesting in people.

 ‘Crank Bugs’ hooks you from the first note with a blistering guitar and driving beat. This engaging melody and guitars carry you through the song. The use of the instruments also adds to the imagery of the song as they are used to emphasis the lyrics.

Burlison’s vocals put you in the cabin the song was based on and paints a picture of the metaphysical message of the track. While the lyrics make you imagine a cabin full of bugs, they also bring forth the imagery of delusional parasitosis.

Radio Silence hits you on both the physical and meta with their song ‘Crank Bugs’. The driving pace of the track and vocal performance brings forth images of bugs in a cabin and the delusional parasitosis.

Find out more about Radio Silence on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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