twobox. – Kiss Politics (2020)

Under the alias of twobox. Preston-based producer Nicholas Langdon is flexing his musical and vocal range. Taking cues from 80s pop and mixing it with contemporary alt-pop and indie-rock, he creates a new and interesting sound. His debut EP Kiss Politics highlights his musical philosophy of creating authentic and vulnerable songs.

The EP is a documentation and reflection on his relationships while at university and into his early twenties. Each song is a look back at the fickle nature of young love and the errors made along the way. The injection of personal experiences and feelings helps you find solace in the discussion of his thoughts.

‘Kiss Politics’ is the title and opening track to the EP that hooks you with some 80s synths. There is a light melody to this song that the vocals meld with. There are powerful and soaring moments in the track that add something extra to everything. The combination of smooth vocals and light synth-based melody makes this song very easy to listen to.

‘Fireflies’ has a faster tempo to it and focuses on the early honeymoon phase of a relationship. Langdon’s deep vocals work well with the driving beat and synths. At times the vocals are distorted to create a wave over you that drives the lyrics home. There is an expansive feeling to this song that makes it seem like it can transcend what it starts out as.

‘In This Moment’ changes things up a little in the opening with a bit more rock lying under the synths. This song has a hint of sadness to it as the lyrics make you wish for a moment to last forever. There is some amazing imagery in the lyrics of this track that place you in the moment evoking these emotions. The guitar in the track creates a wonderful interlude where anything is possible.

The last song on the EP is ‘Intertwine’ which has a somewhat sombre opening. There is a more sombre vibe to this track present in the deeper melody and laced into the vocals. While there is an uptick in the melody, the serious tone remains within the lyrics. There is something in the lyrics and vocals that is so vulnerable that you can’t stop listening.

Kiss Politics by twobox. uses 80s inspired synths and moving vocals to look at young love, its fickle nature and the errors we make along the way. Each track on the EP looks at a different aspect of young relationships through the lens of retrospection. Blending Langdon’s smooth vocals with light synths, twobox. transports you back in time.

Find out more about twobox. on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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