Amie Jay – Unashamed (2021)

Messy breakups are something that a lot of people have to cope with and they often leave questions that we never get the answers to. Amie Jay is bringing all these questions to the fore with her single ‘Unashamed’. While upbeat and packed with rocking melodics, the single askes how someone can live with the damage they have caused during a breakup and how they can seem to move on without a second thought.

Weaving her passion for storytelling into the single, Jay creates poetic lyrics and a moving soundscape. Having built up her skills and honed her passions at university, she combines them with her work in music marketing. All of the experience she has gained over the years rounds out her sound and has improved her music over time.

‘Unashamed’ bubbles to life from the depths of the soundscape. There is an infectious feeling to the melody that works its way into your muscles and makes you want to bounce to the sound. This bopping tone mixes with a forward propulsion which bursts into an evaporating glitter of light tones. There is a really dynamic movement to the music that brings the upbeat feeling of the song to your ears while underlying something more vulnerable and delicate. All the melodic elements are masterful in their handling of the delicate emotions of the track while enhancing them at the same time.

Jay’s vocals are a light dance that skips across the movement of the melody. The opening line of her performance has a pain threaded into the song as she drops you into the end of a relationship. The chorus brings all the questions you might want to ask after a breakup but never felt able to. As she confronts the pain and hurt of the breakup, Jay infuses empowerment into her vocals. Through the track, she accepts that the relationship has ended and that the other person was at fault. In the questioning of them, she pulls you into an upbeat sense of understanding that you can too move on.

Amie Jay has you bouncing to her upbeat sound while she addresses a hurtful breakup and fills you with empowerment in ‘Unashamed’. The melody is packed with upbeat tones that bop through your senses and have you moving to the dynamic flow. Her vocals are vulnerable but empowering as she addresses everything you may want to after a bad breakup.

Find out more about Amie Jay on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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