Riley Wells – Endless (2021)

Descried by Lefuturewave as an artist that “…continues to deliver good music”, pop singer-songwriter Riley Wells is coming at us with hit after hit. Featured on BuzzMusic LA, Breaking Pop and various playlists, the US-based “pop princess” is gaining a loyal following. Using intimate lyrics and engaging melodies, her music connects with people on a deeper level while having them tap their toes in time with the beat. The latest single from this talented songstress is ‘Endless’.

Following her single ‘Every Language’, ‘Endless’ adopts a lighter, more jovial type of pop music. I would compare Wells to Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande, but that wouldn’t be fair to Wells herself. While there is a traditional contemporary pop sound nodding to pop music from the early 2000s, Wells has a unique flair showcasing her originality.

A toe-tapping melody if ever I heard one, ‘Endless’ is buoyant with a pretty pink bubblegum wrapping. The synth-laden song harmonically melds both the pop-bop melody with Wells’ super-sweet vocals. Charming and endearing, she takes on the topic of long-term romance in this heartfelt track. It’s like listening to late-90s Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears all over again but with a soulful stance.

Wells shares that “’Endless’ is a feel-good pop party capturing the highs of long-term love never getting old. It’s so exciting to find somebody who you continue to fall for, even when you’re already together. In a world of temporary love, this song shows that it’s still possible to keep crushing on the same person.” So, the idea of perpetual infatuation, perhaps? Listening to the lyrics I believe Wells may be onto something far deeper than a mere crush in ‘Endless’. Teetering on the cusp of childish naivety and sophisticated maturity, ‘Endless’ is a sincere look at one of the most exquisite things in life – true love.

For more from Riley Wells check out her official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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