Anaté – Flow (2021)

No stranger to The Other Side Reviews, Anaté has a new soul-stirring single to share…but who is Anaté, I hear you ask. The collaboration of producer/songwriter Andrea and his muse Ana, Anaté is a soulful project combining elements of pop, soul and blues. Featured on Indie Music Center,, Amazing Radio, Nexus Music Blog and Less Than 1000 Followers, to name but a few, this innovative project is reaching audiences across the globe. Following the single ‘911’ we have the moving addition ‘Flow’.

While Anaté formed last year, the duo has already blasted onto the pop scene with several successful tracks including ‘Confusion’, ‘First Time’ and ‘Rio’ (read our reviews). All singles being powerful in their own right, Anaté will fuse their recent releases into a dynamic debut album to be released later in the year. ‘Flow’ is another chilled track but with a warmer, more live band-influenced sound.

The fourth self-produced single, ‘Flow’ is expertly arranged layering Ana’s strong vocals atop dynamic instrumentation. While there is a combination of bold instruments used, a simplicity resides in the piano-led soul meets blues track. With the melody easily placing one in a hushed jazz lounge, Ana’s vocals add the extra dollop of sensual harmonies.

Reminiscent of Sade with a hint of Florence Welch, Ana elegantly executes the poetic lyricism speaking of freedom, empowerment and creativity. Her flowing vocals easily trace that impassioned security where you fully accept your existence. Yet, despite the strength in ‘Flow’, Ana adds a hint of vulnerability in the sentimental sincerity. It’s pretty overwhelming and I love the toe-tingling feeling. Overall, ‘Flow’ is another triumph for Anaté. Anthemic and infectious, the duo captivate you with ‘Flow’ holding you in the palm of their hands and you love it!

In addition to the single, Anaté released a lyric video and live video for ‘Flow’. You can view the videos on their YouTube channel. 

For more from Anaté check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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