Anaté – Rio (2021)

Most of us never take the time to sit back and really appreciate everything that life has to offer. If you need a push in the right direction for this, Anaté is here to help with their single ‘Rio’. Written while in Rio de Janeiro, the pop-rock track is all about life and appreciating every moment, place and all the people we meet. It is a call to start living in the now because that is all we have.

This call to live life comes from Ana and Andrea. The pair met when Andrea was looking for the perfect voice for a trip-hop influenced album. After meeting up, their influences combined and created their blended sound bringing together downtempo, indie rock, pop and alternative hip-hop.

‘Rio’ opens with a soft melodic line that gets your foot tapping to the guitar. The shuffling beats increasingly grab hold as you listen while the lighter tones create a haze over the music. There is a very subtle movement to the music that draws you along the soundscape while helping you chill out. The melodic flow has you wanting to sit back and watch the world with a smile. Based on the melody alone, this is the perfect track to get you to slow down and really appreciate everything in the world.

Ana’s vocals enhance the chilled vibes of the music for an amazing easy listening experience. Her voice is like a warm breeze gently wafting over your skin as you relax and let every moment sink into your soul. Later in the track, her performance does take a slight turn to power over you. Her voice soars in the second half of the track to fully get you into the mood of the single. This combines beautifully with the electric guitar that sings from the lower levels later in the song.

Anaté fills you with chilled vibes so you can sit back, relax and take the time to appreciate the world in ‘Rio’. The music on its own can have you chilling to the duo’s flow, but the vocals bring a whole new level to everything. They come together wonderfully to fill you with an appreciation of the world and a thirst for living in the present.

Find out more about Anaté on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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