IRYS – Circles (2021)

There are times when thoughts seem to play in an endless loop through our brains. While this may not be a problem, when they are negative thoughts, they can lead to a range of issues and the feeling of pressure from inside. This is something that IRYS has experienced and works through in the aptly titled ‘Circles’.

Continuing the dark retro vibes of her past releases, she packs this track with gritter gothic tones. With a distinct sound, IRYS creates music that appeals to the senses while diving into some of the darker recesses of the musical world. Using a completely DIY approach, she merges electronic pop with darkwave while crafting lyrics and arrangements that stick in your head long after they have ended.

‘Circles’ draws you in with a whisper of sound before the synth riffs take over. There is a creeping darkness to the low level of the melody that hum and swirl beneath the synths. The deep drone of the vibrating bassline is like something in the corner of your eye that you can never quite lock onto. The electronic tones of the melody are amazing as they bring a swirl of dark thoughts to sonic perfection. Warped and bubbling vocal samples add to the theme of the single while the music subtly puts pressure on your skin. This is handled with delicacy as it is not overwhelming but, as the single progresses, you find yourself drawn into the loops of dark twirls.

Cutting through the synth riffs are IRYS’ vocals that rise from the depths of the darkness. Her vocals have a slightly breathless feeling at times that enhances the overwhelmed sense of the lyrics. The lyrics delve into giving in to pressure while filled with dark thoughts that constantly loop around your brain. The darkness of the melody lightly tinges the vocals but they carry a lighter sense of understanding that slowly builds a glimmer of hope. While this glints in the distance, you are filled with the gritty darkness that has to be worked through.

IRYS sweeps up into a dark synth swirl as her vocals spiral around you in a sonic representation of negative thought loops in ‘Circles’. The melody twirls with inky tendrils as it draws you into the single while the vocals rise from the dark depths. There is a feeling to the arrangement that mimics the way thoughts loop in the brain to really bring the struggle of the track home.

Find out more about IRYS on her Instagram and Spotify.

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