Paju Kai – Crooked (2021)

Combining her worlds of visual design and songwriting, Paju Kai is a singer-songwriter who aims to tell stories with her songs. While her visual design adds scenery to the tales, it is through her music that she expresses the poignancy of her sound. Influenced by artists like Amy Winehouse, Janet Jackson and Ariana Grande, she refers to herself as a “pop fusion angel” with some spicy attitude in the mix. The latest addition to her discography is the single ‘Crooked’.

The first of three tracks to be released in late 2021, ‘Crooked’ is a collision of contemporary pop, alternative-pop and R&B. While the track has a strong electronic element, there is an eclectic incorporation of an acoustic piano interspersed throughout the single. It is as if Kai is finding the balance between organic and synthetic but still effortlessly merges the two elements. It seems the term “crooked” is more apt than originally considered as we walk the crooked line between synth-based hip-hop and dark piano undertones.

Described as a song “…to write a story told by a villain who takes pride in being a crooked manipulator towards others”, the Nordic artist uses witty lyricism building a cinematic soundscape. Kaleidoscopic and obscure, there is a grittiness belying the smooth, toe-tapping melody. Kai shares that her music is representative of her love for music and her need to connect with others. She states that “…every aspect of a song from the text to the production and cover art has to deliver a coherent story for the listener. I want to create worlds for people to dive into because that is how I experience music myself.” I have to say, ‘Crooked’ is definitely an experience that cannot be recreated.

Anthemic, bold and slightly brash, Paju Kai’s ‘Crooked’ sends shivers down your spine and leaves you gasping for breath. As with many artists like Amy Winehouse and Dido, there is an intoxicating vibe to their sound and Kai nailed it!

For more from Paju Kai, check out her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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