Annabel Hailey – Rhythm of Life (2021)

With her single ‘Love is Like a Breeze’, Annabel Hailey reminded us that the love we have is something we should share with others. With her single ‘Rhythm of Life’, she brings a contemplation of life to a fusion soundscape. With a touch of jazz, folk-pop and neo-soul, Hailey has you riding the highs and lows of life while moving to her sound.

Catching the ebbs and flows of life with Hailey is long-time collaborator Elisa Laiho who provides additional vocals and piano for the track. Joonatan Rautio is also featured on the saxophone which brings a different depth to the track. The musicality of her collaborators mixes with Hailey’s own evocative passion for a single that captures your mind and gets you ready for her upcoming EP.

‘Rhythm of Life’ dances into your senses with a moving piano line. The music has your shoulders shimmying to the rhythm as it takes you on a warm waltz through humid air. It is a wonderful mixture of jazzy tones with a touch of neo-soul. As you listen, you feel the urge to dance around the room and get a little lost in the arrangement. There is a really great depth to the sound that you are wrapped in that is enhanced by the saxophone when it comes in. The saxophone calls from the depths and leads you to the backing vocals perfectly.

Against this dancing soundscape, Hailey’s vocals wrap their arms around you and pull you close for an embrace. Her voice bolsters the dancing vibes of the music and twirls you through the moves of a ballroom dance. As you move to the sound, the lyrics put a smile on your face as you are drawn into deep affection and love. There is a palpable feeling of overwhelming affection that you can’t get away. While you are pulled into this, there is a touch of happy reminiscence that makes you wonder if this is an affection that is no longer felt on one side.

Annabel Hailey has you dancing around the room to the jazzy and soulful tones of ‘Rhythm of Life’ while smiling at the affection in her voice. The melody brings a heady experience to the soundscape as the piano drives you in the dance and the saxophone twirls you around. Her vocals encase you as she spins you around like a ballroom dancing partner.

Find out more about Annabel Hailey on her Instagram and Spotify.

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