Anne Bennett – Heavy Hand (2021)

Anne Bennet had us covered in shivers with her otherworldly vocals and the gothic tones of ‘Deep in the Shadows’. She is back to cover us in her sound with ‘Heavy Hand’ that brings a dark and gritty sound to a marching beat. Packed with dark emotions, the single takes you on a journey yet carries the knowledge that there are some things you can’t escape.

Written during a road trip in the middle of the pandemic, Bennett draws on the sadness of the reason behind the trip and merges it with the closed feelings the pandemic left her with. Feeling angry and defeated about both the pandemic and a death in the family, she unleashes her emotion into the soundscape. These emotions are tempered by the feeling that something is following you and you are unable to ever escape it.

‘Heavy Hand’ comes to life with an interesting opening that is both expansive and closed. The guitars strum against your ears leading you forward with a slight marching sound. In the background, there are humming tones that bring darkness and shadows to the soundscape. It is a rich soundscape that flows into a river of sound that has a touch of defeat to a forward propulsion. Through all of this, the drums and push of the guitar get your head bopping to the music. The higher tones of the music, bring a somewhat eery vibe to the track that mixed perfectly with the shadows.

As you are led down the river of sound, it is Bennett’s vocals that really give your sense of movement a direction. Her voice is smoky and rich as she pulls you close to share her emotions with you. Through the lyrics, she turns your attention to the people you pass in the journey of life while her vocals dip into a gothic depression that tries to pull you under. There is an interesting struggle highlighted in the single as she works to get away from the darkness but it clings without any sight of letting go.

Anne Bennett takes you on a journey packed with dark emotions, trying to get away and the clinging of shadows in ‘Heavy Hand’. The single merges gothic tones with a marching beat and the urge to run from something you can never truly get away from. Her vocals swirl with smoky shadows as she pulls you close and walks with you down a shaded path.

Find out more about Anne Bennett on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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