Anne Bennett – Deep in the Shadows (2021)

We all have demons inside us that we want to get rid of. Anne Bennett is taking this process on in the haunting gothic tones of ‘Deep in the Shadows’. While tackling inner demons, the single also considers how many people feel free when they are hidden from the outside world. With dark and cinematic sounds, the song offers a vast feeling to an intimate subject.

Bennett continues the melancholic haunting that has become a staple in her music with this single. Having grown up in Salem, she spent her youth surrounded by tales of the infamous Witch City. Influenced by this, her music releases sorrow and pain in a way that can only be achieved through music.

‘Deep in the Shadows’ opens with a hushed melody that makes you hold your breath so you don’t make a sound. The gentle piano line gently walks you into the song while higher tones twinkle just out of reach. These tones blink in the corner of your eye as strings call out on the chorus. The hushed feeling of the opening carefully transitions into an expansive and vast melody. The music is really interesting because there are tendrils reaching out into the world while certain layers create an intimate space.

When Bennett’s vocals enter she sends shivers racing down your spine. There is an otherworldly feeling to her voice that caresses your skin like smoke. As you shiver to her performance, the lyrics lap over you with their tale of demons, life and death. There is an emotional tug on your heart that is amazing and cause you to choke up a little. This all slides away as her vocals start to soar above the hushed tones of the melody.

Anne Bennett has you shivering to her otherworldly vocals while bringing resting on a contrasting melody in ‘Deep in the Shadows’. The gothic tones of the track bring the tale of life and death in the lyrics to a haunting life. Her vocals caress your skin while the melody balances intimacy with expansiveness.

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