Annika Bellamy – The One (2021)

Annika Bellamy filled us with empowerment while overcoming heartbreak in the contemporary RnB flows of ‘Psycho’. She is taking a much lighter approach with her single ‘The One’ as she delves into romance and finding your true love. With a fresh summer sound, she enters the excitement of finding the one person you will fight for in every phase of your life.

With touching on this all-encompassing love, she gets you excited to feel it if you have not already. A delightfully smooth pop song, the track has you looking forward to future loves while understanding what you need to do to prepare for it. If her last song had you hooked to her beats, this track will cement your need for more.

‘The One’ laps against your ears like waves while the wooden beats add a summer feeling to the music. There is a wonderful richness to the music like a silken sheet slipping over your skin. There are layers to the music that bring a sensation of multiple glittering depths to the single. The deeper layers offer a glimmering depth while the higher tones are glittering sparkles that make you smile. There is a great balance of tones in the track with a mixture of organic and electronic that comes to a smooth slide with the piano line later in the song.

Bellamy’s vocals bring a soulful vibe to the warm pop tones of the melody. You can easily rest back into her performance and let it settle over you. There is an undeniable smoothness to her performance that carries the power and wonder of true love. As you listen to the track, an ember of affection is fanned in your chest to flair into a raging fire of love for someone you know you can get through thick and thin with.

Annika Bellamy has you riding smooth waves of sound as she fans the flames of love in ‘The One’. Through the silken tones of the track, she fills you with an encompassing affection for someone and the joy that these emotions can bring. The richness of the melody makes it easy to sink into the single and let everything wash over you.

Find out more about Annika Bellamy on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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