Anthony Rubery – Pressure (2022)

We all have times when a shoulder to lean on is just what we need to make us feel better. This pick-me-up has been condensed into music by Anthony Rubery in his single ‘Pressure’. Written for his fiancée who was struggling at the time, the single offers reassurance and the strength to continue believing in yourself and the journey you have chosen. This much-needed sentiment comes through the blended RnB, soul and pop tones of the track.

While the single was written for a specific individual, Rubery brings a universality that allows all of us to find the comfort we need. His fresh and heartfelt music has been making a wave in the London underground music scene. Following sold-out headline shows at the Camden Assembly and the Roadtrip & Workshop, Rubery is looking to build on his success in the coming year.

‘Pressure’ has a lo-fi vibe in the opening with the plucked notes that take a second to find their feet. This lo-fi vibe moves into a richer and more sophisticated soulful flow. The music washes against your senses like cool water on your skin on a hot summer’s day. The movement of the melody soothes the rough edges of your soul and brings the first touch of comfort to your soul. While the beats have an RnB flow, the higher tones of the melody are a delicate mixture of soul and pop. You can’t help but feel at ease as you listen to this melody. It has the ability to lift the load from your shoulders and ease the pressures of the world.

This easing and comfort are expanded through the vocals that open with letting you know that things are going to be okay, regardless of how you are feeling. The lyrics are a helping hand and the shoulder you can lean on when you struggle. Rubery’s vocals are so expressive as they let you know you don’t have to face everything on your own. While offering support, he also offers reassurance that you are stronger than you think. This is tempered with the knowledge that you don’t have to struggle against the pressures of the world on your own. By the end of the single, you feel ready to face the world as he has bolstered your soul and offered the comfort you need.

Anthony Rubery offers a helping hand and the comforting shoulder to lean on that we all need in the blended tones of ‘Pressure’. The melody is a wash of cool water on hot skin that soothes the rough edges of your soul. Rubery’s vocals are comforting as he lets you know you don’t have to take on the pressures of the world alone.

Find out more about Anthony Rubery on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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