Anton Commissaris – Life Is For Livin’ (2022)

From Frank Sinatra to Etta James, US-based Anton Commissaris is inspired by some of the iconic jazz singers of our time. Bringing together elements of blues, jazz and soul, this singer-songwriter highlights a sound that is potentially long past but not forgotten. Old-school blues and jazz are brought to life in Commissaris’ music; however, there is a contemporary edginess that makes him stand out. Featured in Sinusoidal Music, Send Me Your Ears, Rock Era Magazine and Roadie Music, Commissaris is reaching audiences on an international level. Come with us as we delve into his single ‘Life Is For Livin’’.

Taken off his EP Awakening Sounds, ‘Life Is For Livin’’ opens the five-track release with style. An upbeat, high-paced but super smooth single, ‘Life Is For Livin’’ takes you back to the days of Sinatra with a heart-warming melodic arrangement. Filled with sultry piano, drums and horns, Commissaris navigates you through funky shuffles and jazz-filled trills. I am a huge fan of the crooner era, so I might be a bit biased when it comes to this track. Simplistic but with a complex charm, the old-school sound is brought to the 21st century in ‘Life Is For Livin’’.

“The song [‘Life Is For Livin’] was inspired by an old friend’s upcoming milestone birthday. He is such an extroverted bon vivant who soaks up every second of life and generates tremendous energy as a friend. I wanted to celebrate his joie de vivre with this song…let’s not forget that life is for living.” – Anton Commissaris on ‘Life Is For Livin’’

Eager to share his passion for music and life in general, Commissaris encapsulates the sunshine we should be enjoying every day in the new track. While there is complexity and intimacy in this intriguing song, it prompts acceptance and hopefulness in an uncertain society. Sincere and sentimental with the groovy vibes of yesteryear, ‘Life Is For Livin’’ will have you smiling as soon as you start listening.

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