Arson Whales – New Isolation (2021)

The last year has been packed with trials and tribulations stemming from the pandemic. Arson Whales have taken all these issues and wrapped them in an infectious combination of alternative rock and coping mechanisms in ‘New Isolation’. Drawing on the love of friends, life, music and snacks, the single captures the isolation of lockdown and the little bubbles we all found and still find ourselves in.

Linda Brancato (vocals, guitar), Kevin O’Shaughnessy (vocals, guitar), Joe Kimberlin (backing vocals, guitar), Ben Jackson (drums) and Brad Penner (bass) used to be the cover band The Garage Openers. However, when the pandemic hit, they retreated into their garage studio and emerged as Arson Whales. As the debut single for this new music project and the taster for their upcoming EP, the track has really set the bar very high.

‘New Isolation’ rolls into your ears before grabbing your attention with an inventive opening. The bass thrums against your senses before the guitars laugh across the soundscape. There is a really catchy feeling to the melody that is both chill and lively. This interesting layering is perfectly executed using a unique flow that gets you really addicted to the band’s new sound. Woven into the music, is a groovy feeling that brings a hint of retro tones to a modern garage rock sound. The song is crafted with the best elements of the music.

Adding to the unique flow of the music is Brancato’s vocals. There is a light hazy edge to her voice as she slices through the soundscape. Her performance has you smiling while getting down to the melody. On the chorus, you are going to sing along as you sink into the feelings of a new isolation. The lyrics are enhanced by the vocal performance as they bring a range of emotions to light with an engaging structure.

Arson Whales have you rocking to their flow in ‘New Isolation’ which brings a touch of retro vibes to some modern garage rock. The melody is both chilled and groovy as it winds its way into your brain to get you hooked. The vocals enhance this while slipping over the emotions the last year has brought up.

Find out more about Arson Whales on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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