The Chase – I Just Can’t Believe That We Share The Same Name (2021)

Forging forth with an old-school Britpop meets contemporary indie-rock style, UK-based The Chase has a unique and intriguing style. With a reputation for high-energy gigs, meaningful melodies and emotive lyricism, the English quartet capture listeners on a personal level. Featured on Nexus Music Blog, Little Indie Blog, Indie XL and even airtime on soap-opera Hollyoaks, The Chase is certainly making waves. The latest addition from the group is ‘I Just Can’t Believe That We Share The Same Name’.

Penned by older brother Tyler Heaney, ‘I Just Can’t Believe That We Share The Same Name’ is an amusing interplay between him and his younger brother Dion. The dual vocals enhance that typical sibling rivalry with bittersweet emotion. Truth be told, the single is witty and emotive but far more entertaining than anything else. It is really a sonic representation of brothers thinking “oh bloody hell, how are we related?”

Being an older sister, I can appreciate the amusing lyricism effortlessly executed by the Heaney brothers; however, it is the melody that adds an extra edge to the song. Frustration and annoyance ooze from the charming lyricism, but the emotions are heightened with an upbeat, ska-infused beat. It seems to make the song cheekier with more feistiness in the brotherly tete-a-tete.

While Dion Heaney’s vocals are notable with a huge dose of sarcasm, Tyler continues to take the fore with his Ian Curtis-esque voice. Husky and bold, he adds a richness to ‘I Just Can’t Believe That We Share The Same Name’. This does not mean Dion’s vocals are completely lost, they just add robustness from the background…or perhaps it’s me wanting the older brother to win.

Overall, I simply adore ‘I Just Can’t Believe That We Share The Same Name’. I immediately imagine my younger sister taunting me with her snarky remarks and while I want to kill her, I still love her so much. Bloody younger siblings.

“During the track, I make rather bold statements/gestures and I’m quickly and frequently cut down by my so-called little brother, Dion… I always wanted a song that allowed Dion to display his vocals and thought if the song was about me and him it would be the perfect opportunity to do so. I wrote all the lyrics imaging what Dion would say…and Dion helped craft his version of the responses – although some of those couldn’t be used on the track as it would no longer be radio-friendly.” – Tyler Heaney on ‘I Just Can’t Believe That We Share The Same Name’

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