Onbar – Maniac (2020)

Imposter syndrome is something that anyone could suffer from including musicians. This is what Onbar felt over the years but, thankfully, this led him to record his debut single ‘Maniac’. After sinking into depression, he looked for an outlet before he went crazy and decided to write, record and release a single. A month later, this single was ready to go and offers a delightful taster for his next single.

Considering himself an artist of life, he draws on everything around him for inspiration. Taking what comes naturally from his environment, he crafts it into a wonderful pop soundscape. While it has taken him time to become confident enough to express himself musically, we are glad that he has started releasing his music for everyone to hear.

‘Maniac’ thumps against your ears with an engaging drumline that is met with some groovy tones. There is a light haze resting over the melody that adds a warmth to the groovy tones. Those opening beats stay with you throughout the single and get your shoulders bouncing to them. There is an uplifting feeling to the music that is washed with a dreamy sound full of softness. While the music has a groovy feeling, there is a pulse of lively energy resting in the instrumentation that puts a smile on your face. There are also rolling guitar lines that you tumble along.

As you gently groove to the music, Onbar’s vocals are a seductive flow against your ears. His voice is unbelievably smooth as he wraps around you. Through the silken slide of his voice, you are drawn into the lyrics that tug at your heartstrings and fill you with a longing for someone you love. The harmonisations add to the hazy dreaminess of the track.

Onbar combines groovy tones with seductive vocals wrapped around lyrics full of yearning for his debut single ‘Maniac’. As an introduction to his sound, he has really set the bar high. The melody comes together with a smoothness that is matched only by his vocals as he pumps you full of soft emotions.

Find out more about Onbar on his Instagram and Spotify.

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