Asher Knight – Oxygen (2020)

Love is a vital part of life whether it is familial, romantic or platonic. This idea is given a pop infusion in Asher Knight’s latest single ‘Oxygen’. Looking at love being like oxygen, the single considers unconditional love through heartfelt lyrics and emotive vocals. Having gone through difficult times, Knight understands how friends and family can help. Through this single, he is hoping to help others and give them the hope they need.

The single is full of Knight’s signature high-energy performance which has seen him support some of the UK’s most well-known acts. He has supported The Vamps, All Saints, Will Young and Boyzone on their UK tours netting him a legion of loyal fans. While he has more tours planned for next year, he is keeping us engaged with his original releases.

‘Oxygen’ has an interesting opening that gets your attention before Knights rich vocals hit you. The song has this clapping beat that gets you moving to the rhythm. The melody is upbeat and has this light vibe to it. The fun nature of the music actually underplays the rather serious subject and lyrics of the song. There is a lot more going on in this single than first meets the ear as you are given a pop-infusion.

The lyrics let you know that Knight will be there for you and builds up your self-esteem. Lyrically, it is very motivating and will make you feel good at the end. He also highlights how unconditional love can help you. If you are looking for a song that will make you feel better about everything, this is the one to listen to.

Asher Knight looks at how love is vital to life and how it can help you in the pop-infused ‘Oxygen’. The single has a compelling melody that gives an upbeat foundation for the rather heavy topic and lyrics. At the end of the single, you will feel better about yourself and leave filled with hope.

Find out more about Asher Knight on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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