Therése Neaimé – Dance Love (2020)

If you are looking for a single to heat up your summer playlist, look no further. International sensation Therése Neaimé is here with her single ‘Dance Love’. The song has been designed to get your body moving to the beat with its radiant and catchy soundscape. The vibrant spark of the single is a testament to her love for what she does.

She has spent a lifetime in the entertainment industry and toured across the world. Combined with determination and commitment, her stunning vocals have delivered time and time again. All of these traits are revealed in her latest single that will bring you to the dancefloor or make you start dancing in your seat.

‘Dance Love’ has a Latin-style opening that gets you moving from the first moment. While the melody is not as fast as you might imagine, there is something infectious about it that makes you want to get up and jive. The catchy beats pick up during the chorus while the verses lead you through a slightly slower movement. Both are vibrant and make you move to the rhythm.

As the melody gets you moving and wanting to hit the dancefloor, Neaimé’s vocals are light and catchy. While moving you will want to sing along to the lyrics as you engage with her vocals. There is something brilliant about this single that makes it irresistible.

Therése Neaimé gets you up and moving to the anthem of the summer in ‘Dance Love’. From the Latin-style beats to her melodic and catchy vocals, she hooks you and fills you with an energy that must be released on the dancefloor. If you need a lead song for your summer playlist, this should be the one.

Find out more about Therése Neaimé on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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