At Face Value – Swim (2021)

At Face Value are taking on the modern world and the society we live in with their single ‘Swim’. With a touch of introspection, they consider how many young people are constantly engaged in media and absorbed in party culture. While not saying this is bad, the band looks at the pressure many feel under to fit into this.

The single has been around for about seven years and was just waiting for the right time to drop. Alec Myers, Jeremiah Douglas, Parker Ross and Grayson Ross have been together for around 9 years and look to the world at large to gain inspiration. With a lively sound, they let you know that you don’t need to give in to fit in.

‘Swim’ uses a deep bass that thrums through you to get your attention. There is a slightly retro vibe to the music that takes you back to the early 2000s. While there is this old-school vibe, there is a splash of modern undertones that bring a whole new feeling to the music. As the captivating opening dips for the verses, there is a musing flow to the music that bolsters the vocals. The guitars come soaring through your ears on the chorus before the pace picks up and makes you want to jump around.

Myers’ vocals are a clear call over the melody as he opens the curtains of his musings on life. The lyrics have a real introspective vibe but they have this universal edge that allows anyone to connect with them. As the music picks up on the chorus, his vocals blister through the lyrics as he sinks into the world of weekend parties. When his performance hits a more melodic flow, he brings an understanding that giving in to the pressure is not what makes you happy.

At Face Value help you stand against the pressure of conforming to modern society and what others expect of you in ‘Swim’. With a touch of retro tones, the melody pulls you in before making you want to jump around. Myers’ vocals bring introspection, caving to pressure and a realisation that this is not making you happy in the most engaging way.

Find out more about At Face Value on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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