Auggie Velarde – Ansiedad (2021)

While mental health is getting more attention, there is still a stigma attached to suffering from this illness in many cultures. With his single ‘Ansiedad’, Auggie Velarde is bypassing the stigmas in the Latino community and frankly address his own anxiety. Touching on how he deals with anxiety, the single offers a heady sound that blurs the lines between genres.

Although his music often escapes the realities of the world for a virtual fantasy, this track is firmly anchored in the real world enhancing the messaging. With a passion for technology, Velarde grew up fascinated by computers and the sound they could make. Over the years, he taught himself how to code and make music to create passionate odes and real emotions through electronic sounds.

‘Ansiedad’ thrums into your brain with a deep beat that is joined by a wonderful electronic tone. The almost futuristic feeling to the melody has your feet tapping to the rhythm and a smile on your face. There is no way you can listen to this melody and not feel the pulses of electronic stimulation vibrating through you. That thrumming beat that opened the track continues throughout to have you bounding down the soundscape. While an overall light-hearted melody, there is a layered feeling that flows in a non-linear pattern which is a delightful sonic representation of the theme of the track.

As you bop to the melody, the vocals warble over the single with an electronic edge. This edge has the vocals dancing around the computer beeps and tones of the music. While the vocals are in Spanish, you can hear the message of the single in Velarde’s performance. At times, his performance is light and happy only to turn to a concerned movement. Later in the track, the English lyrics let you know that it is okay to be emotional to overcome the struggles you face. It is a really deep message that is pulsed into your brain with the electronic pops and beeps of a futuristic age.

Auggie Velarde uses electronic beeps and pulses to tackle the stigma of mental health and give you the strength to fight on in ‘Ansiedad’. The melody is a futuristic yet light and happy flow that you bop and tap along to. While his vocals are primarily in Spanish, the message of the track still comes through in his performance.

Find out more about Auggie Velarde on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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