Ayrton Jimenez – We’ll Build Something New (2021)

Using warm acoustic guitar and enthralling strings, Ayrton Jimenez tells the honest story of falling in love through ‘We’ll Build Something New’. The intimate folk tones cradle the tender emotions of a new relationship and the authentic touch of loving someone for the first time. A tender take on the feelings at the start of a relationship, Jimenez brings a fresh breath to this well-known theme.

The fresh sounds of the single draw on the youthful energy of Jimenez as he embraces his heritage to craft a unique sound. With an emotional depth that far outstrips his age, he artfully combines thoughtful lyrics with unique guitar tones. Since taking the live music scene in Buenos Aires by storm, he has been gaining a serious following with his covers and original music.

The acoustic guitar softly leads you into the rather chilled tones of ‘We’ll Build Something New’. The relaxing tones have you sinking into the warmth of the music, and you can feel the stresses of the world dropping from your shoulders. The stripped-back acoustic melody is like a gentle caress against your cheek. This enhances the affectionate vibes that flow through the vocals. As the single continues, there is a little run that rises through your chest like a bubble of happiness. The relatively simple melody is the perfect cocoon for you to rest in, as you are filled with warm affection.

The tenderness of the melody is bolstered by Jimenez’s vocals. His folky performance settles across your shoulders like a companionable arm that pulls you into a soft embrace. The warmth that soaks into your skin is threaded with a glittering and bright sense of love. As you listen to the track, you can’t help but feel lighter and know that everything will be okay going forward. You are also filled with the urge to be around a loved one with whom you can share your emotions. The intimacy of the track is beautiful and has you feeling like you are separated from the rest of the world.

Ayrton Jimenez delicately places an ember of affection in your chest and gently stokes it into a roaring flame of love with ‘We’ll Build Something New’. The intimate and tender tones of the acoustic guitar draw you into a warm embrace that is bolstered by his vocal performance. As you relax into the sound, you are filled with the sense that it is just you and a loved one far from the rest of the world.

Find out more about Ayrton Jimenez on his Instagram and Spotify.

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